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About Us is a site designed for one primary purpose: to connect visitors like yourself with insurance agencies across the country that can provide you with a low-cost and affordable apartment insurance policy to protect your valuables. While you may be able to get a quote for apartment insurance just about anywhere else, the special design of this site is our network of lenders who agree to compete for your business, thereby allowing us to offer you several quotes at once! Once you have your quotes you can take your time to compare them before choosing one and contacting the insurer for more information on the quote that was offered to you.

No Commitments to Anyone but You

Because we do not sell apartment insurance directly, we do not stand to benefit if you choose one of the lenders in our network over another. You can browse the site and fill out our no-obligation form with confidence, knowing that your information is secure and you will not be taken advantage of by this site or its owners. You can rest secure, browsing the educational material on this site without having to look for the ulterior motive or underlying reason why all this great knowledge is being provided free of charge.

Providing a Sound Education

Finally, this site was also designed to educate visitors as to the need and importance of apartment insurance. Every year thousands of renters loose items in their apartment for one reason or another - fire, flood, theft, vandalism - and they turn to their landlord’s insurance, expecting that to replace their goods - it doesn’t, so they find themselves out of luck and missing all of their clothes or other damaged valuables without a single shred of compensation to show for it. Through education and a simple ease-of-use form, we aim to reduce or eliminate the people who find themselves in this unfortunate situation.

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